arte y primeros pobladores

Living history workshops

Art & firsts settlers

27 Dec , 2014  

Workshops: for small groups. Schools, assotiations and collectives oriented. Price: 3 euros / per person, equipment included.

This workshop is regularly scheduled. Check the calendar and availability and book now.

Jaén: living history workshop

art and firsts settlers

Art and firsts settlers

Jaén is one of those places where a joyful speech on the settlement continuity could be very attractive to the youngest on the house.

With that in mind and for disseminating knowledge of such a rich legacy this workshop was suggested and had a very successful result.

Few kids, much imagination, finger paintings and watercolor pastel pencils were the ingredients for a magic evening in which we learnt to look with different eyes into the past.

Pinturas rupestres jaén

** This workshop could be complemented  with the gided tours: “A very rocky and country Jaén” and “Boulevard: much more than buildings”

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