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Olive Grove Tours

2 Jan , 2021  

With at least a couple of millennia behind, olive farming, in addition to economic agro-activity, is today also considered a source of fun.

When planning to enjoy olive grove tours it is essential to get a wider and deeper view than just an activity.

Olive grove tours

Olives in the landscape really started long before the invention of farming.

First documented use by “Homo Species” of the wild plant Olea Europaea (Var Sylvestris) dates back to around 800,000 BP (yep, eight hundred thousand).
It was burnt inside a cave in northern Italy.

Ancient mediterranean cultures like the Aegiptians, Greeks and Romans Considered it a gods’ gift:

Today scientists are still looking for new uses of the healthy fat contained on its fruit.

Olive grove tours in Spain

Enjoying olive grove tours in Spain is worth a huge immersion.

Some regions like Jaen in south Spain, olive groves landscape is part of the community identity and Extra Virgin Olive Oil the result of human efforts.

Did you know there are about 68 million olive trees in Jaén?

This is a must do tour to discover landscapes, great for a first contact with mediterranean culture and its healthy diet foundations.

A walk through fields getting an introduction to olive groves phenological proceses and year round farming works.

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