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Olive Oil Tourism

29 Mar , 2020  


When covid-19 pandemic has passed you would be willing to travel again so, why not start planning your next holidays now?

Let me guide your dive into a mainland destination.

Never mind your background. Artist, cheff, housewife or bank exetive. You’d change part of your habits amazed by health, history, kindness and and things to do comprised in this landscape.


This is a very addictive destination!

Best cases you’ll only relapse once and again visiting us…  ;-)

Olive Oil tourism

Olive oil tourism?

Okay. Now you know I am uncovering something special for you about one destination. But… What exactly is Olive oil tourism?

It can be defined in many different ways, as many as approaches you get to the phenomenon. 


Activities performed during vacation stays related to Olive groves, trees, their fruit or Olive Oil in any destination where it is grown, traded or compsumed.

Cerro Boticario

What’s best destination for OleoTourism worldwide?


During last decades it has increased the number of destinations where Olive Oil Tourism is possible, from the mediterranean basin to Australia.

The only necessary ingredient to olive oil tourism is presence of olive groves producing olive oil, so deciding which is best will not be easy.

More over if you were grown, worked for and suffered one of them, as my case. So I am afraid I can not handle impartial decissions.

I was born and grown in a region with a vast and protected geological & bio-diversity, deeply rich in archaeological remains, where history makes its every corner breathe culture and over sixty six million (66M) olive trees grove drawing a carpet on the slopes only disrupted by snowy mountain tops.

My choice is


So only if you feel like learning some of the healthiest recipes, getting the best PhotoOpps directions, or even know how we farm and mill award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils you will subscribe to get my crazy newsletter and special offers.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned!


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