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Megalithism and roman olive oil production. 2016 Oct. 7th to 9th

30 Sep , 2016  


On friday will go walking to Los Robles roman torcularium, after a short stop in the museum to visit the unearthed sculptures rescued in this site. On the way will go around the “Manzana C” and “courts campus” plots, where is documented  the existence of a copper ages macro-village.

Aspecto propuesta museográfica de los robles en el febrero 2007

Los Robles view of museographic proposal, February 2007

This three hour long walk starts at the music kiosk in the Concordia’s park (before Batallas’) and goes to the little park between the insdustrial and northern town’s expansion, following the archaeologically documented Jaén streams.

On saturday will visit Otiñar’s patrimonial area, with diverse heritage standingout a geo-biological and historical scenery. Will recognise prehistoric walls and a dolmen that protected an eneolithic mountain village. You’ll need a vehicle for this walk!

Muralla calcolítica

Eneolithic Otiñar’s walls. April 2008

This guided cultural visit is four hours long.

And a bit later, at 18:00  will walk round the walls to give another point of view of the Lizard’s legend

escudo de la catedral de Jaén

Jaén’s cathedral emblem, found in all of its outer walls

This walk takes three hours long from the seminary park (East) to the New Thetre (West), in the opposite side of town.

And on  Sunday we are starting explorations in Úbeda! want to meet Encinarejo’s dolmen for uploading some photos in this website and decide wether or not to include it’s visit as one of our guided walking.


Encinarejo’s dolmen is somewhere between Úbeda y Baeza

Are you up for it? Remember to make your reservation. All these walkings are thought for small groups. The payment is after the visit.

This time Jaén’s walkings (torcularium and Otiñar) are at a promotional price of 5’50 euros per person, and for the exploration to encinarejo’s dolmen you will decide the price to pay after the visit.

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