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Lizards & rock art. 23rd to 25th september 2016

After two years with an official “Malena’s Lizard” legend’s day, this dragon, snake or lizard keeps on as word of mouth. Come and discover a little more about this animal that could have surrounded town.

Will start walking from Cronista Vicente Oya Square (seminary’s park) to go deep into the entrails of a very special lizard, the “la Malena” one.

plaza del cronista Vicente Oya

And will try to dicover legend relations with town’s medieval walls through the cathedral iconography and go across organs of such a freaking out animal.

entrada a calle Muralla

Start of Muralla (wall) St.

fuente en el acceso a la judería

Remembrance of a jewish past

torre cilíndrica

cylindrical tower

And on sunday…

Eschaematic rock paintings are a reminder of past landscape understanding.

vista de la muralla

West walls view


Insecs on the way to the paintings.

castillo llendo hacia cuatro picos

Castle, from Gorrión to Cuatro Picos

sendero con vistas al valle del Guadalquivir

Looking at Guadalquivir