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Nature is not a dustbin!

16 Jun , 2018  

We are feeling happy and lofty today!

furtunate for sharing a great time in an stunning place with wonderful people. Pride for contributing with a small  por haber compartido tiempo en un lugar estupendo con personas maravillosas. Proud for contributing  improve our surroundings through little gestures to recoverour surroundings.

We actually need natural spaces, both land and water empty of trash!

Today through Libera1m2 project from have enjoyed sharing an action to foster big change in consumption and production patterns as well as in habits when entering nature.

Also wanted to thank to all participanting in this action for your presence, time & effords to free nature from rubbish. Even if a little space or time, it’s been invaluable help! THANKS

These pics are part of the process and main activity results: characterizing waste

Bolsa abierta llena de colillas, recogidas en sólo dos horas en el cerro del castillo Chapas de botellas, la mayoría oxidadas Envases de vidrio rotos en trozos de divesos tamaños. Éste es el residuo más abundante en la zona, el que más pesa y el más complicado de liberar

Next calls we will introduce ideas provided in feedbak. We do specially like:

  • Organizing several collections year round
  • Doing them in other places too

Thanks again for that too! It wont be in vain and news will be delivered soon!


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