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11 Feb , 2019  

Since the very start of we are proving that adding last science news to our guided tours helps building a strong Id.

Reporting evaluated and verified hypothesis, sharing research methods and theoretical frameworks with clients become outstanding experiences about cultural and natural heritage cause we LIVE science & spreading knowledge. It is our passion.

For some time we have been getting into some blissful initiatives, expanding our activities and business & developing new contents to our tours.

In addition today we are on feast day!!!. That’s why we are acting as a LOUD REPEATER, & motivating a in-science adventure life to anyone, specially to women and girls!

Because the General Assembly of the United Nations with the aim of achieving full and equitable access to science to girls and women marked February the 11th the International Day of Women and Girls in Science from 2016 on!

Still doubts on why this is important today? You can Read that.

Understanding there’s a need for a frame work, references & models for achieving these day’s goals, and them to be strong enough to brake off the idea that academic and technological slots should be filled with only males, made me write my own experience.

So, if you are thinking of lighting the knowledge flame to your female friends, doughters, nieces, sisters or mother, as we are trying to, at first you can stamp against a wall. It is you… and a first possible question:

What do I start with?

Do not panic. It can be easier than your first thought. And here I am telling you what I am doing at home as a father of two, nine and seven absolutely opposite in character girls.

Readings, activities and games.

Spread spectrum. There is no need to have a strong approach to the role of women on science. Remember: the more fields of life where women are the centre the better! So back to my home, we chose books containing info about explorers, singers and also scientists on different branches of knowledge and even some divulgation written by women.

Next, just a few examples available (in Spanish):

  • Cuentos de buenas noches para niñas rebeldes, Publishing Planeta. It is an epitome of female personalities, whit a short but yet interesting info on the work developed by women introduced on the book. There’s a second part with many more names to add to the list and it would probably come more. Those are a good start for getting reference names and activities.
  • Descubro la ciencia con experimentos y manualidades, Publishing USBORNE. It is a joy sharing family games to help discover “happenings”, the “hows” and “whys” of proposed experiments.

Once the imagination is fertilized and fears gone, other base we are using apart of many novels, is the enlargement of knowledge on roles of women in history up to date, specially those which life was hidden. At a “glocal” level there’s an increasing quantity an quality of great papers. ¿Examples? This one by María Consuelo Díez Bedmar y María Alcázar Cruz Rodríguez for my case in Jaén, where I live, city I love and share in tours (in Spanish):

What If the commitment you are acquiring is even stronger?

You’ll have to be up to date with scientific news on those fields she had shown more interest in and drop some cutting edge pills from time to time to help keeping fascination and inquietude for wisdom. That may imply some extra time to look for sources and make fast readings. There’s plenty of providers out there to get hooked to! I am sure you can find at least three of them in a minute!

What’s next?

Social action in education centres can help promote scientific activity among the female collective. Things are ready & “plug and play” options are around, whether you belong to educational environments or not. ¿Examples?:

It is therefore & all the advances we are connected to why we are preparing new tours and experiences for next season.

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