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Cánava: pine wood, Rooks & snails

27 Dec , 2014  

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Cánava: pine woods, Rooks & Snails

exploring Magina canava

A long living aleppo pine forest is placed on the back mount of one of most studied neolithic rock art places in the upper Guadalquivir region, La Graja (female rook) cave.


This forest is an ideal place for dicovering differences between a reforested and a natural one. Its beauty is kept in those dead trees in Scenery.


And even more! It works as the door to an ancient stone beds and wheels quarry, stones used for milling olives and wheat. In this quarry workers lived for long periods, so stone shacks were built.


Also known as “Los Caracoles” (snails) those shacks are made without any mortar, with a dry stone technique ceiling. There are those who argue that these could have a dolmenich origin.

* What do werefer to with “low-cost walks”?

· Low impact · Designed for small groups of people · Exceptional places · Things as they are (even if painful) · Only if benefits local community · You, and only you decide the price after the visit.

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