Mágina’s Hoyas

19 Oct , 2015  

Last Sunday October the fourth 2015, went together with some friends to a excursion organized by them to Magina’s Hoyas.

Sun rise sky at Jimena, and Meteo prediction promised a clean and hot day, so we started a car climb to the Mata mountain pass from Torres upto Aguadero natural spring, where we stardted walking.

Unfortunately after only an hour and a half walk and 1994 meters altitude, we had to go bak for diverse reasons. First a heavy raing and cold made us look for some rocks to get refuged, loosing the pathway. From there we saw some clouds coming down the mountains, what would have make it even more difficult to get back safely.

Although maybe the most important was the number and variety of participants, that made an inconstant rithm, spontaneus stops, and generated a large distance betwen the excursion’s head and tail, with several groups.

For security reasons the walk was aborted at about half and hour left to the place we were looking for.

We still enjoyed pure air, picturesque views and a pleasant walk

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