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Strongholds: la Majada Josa

29 Dec , 2014  

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Medieval strongholds: majada Josa

medieval strongholds majada josa

From Jaén, in the west it is not a very impressive with the povince’s top on its right, but from Úbeda becomes magnificent, and from Albanchez is the shadow maker during the long summer afternoons and the cold wind cutter in winter time.

majada josa3

Majada Josa is a hard to get there spot on a little plane on its east slope, where during Reconquest was raised a stronghold to look down on Guadalquivir valley, nowadays remaining a few elements such as the rammed earth wall piece over these words.

majada josa2

It’s been used a natural rock wall on its north as a defence.

majada josa1

From here it could be seen the Estrella pass on a clear day, the place through which the cristian troops came into Andalusia in 1212. a perfect place to control movements in Úbeda, Baeza and even the far noth-east Segura mountain range.

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