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Peru’s alluvial ravine

27 Dec , 2014  

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Low-Cost walk * = small groups + you decide the price after the visit (except when scheduled subject to price and conditions. Visit our calendar).

Peru’s ravine

perus ravine

This ravine is home of one of the biggest European Pistacia terebinthus woods. The seeds of this wild familiar to pistachio tree are called “granillo” locally, and now a days it is foodstuff for mountain goats and flock of sheep in this area, while in the Middle East is used to prepare “zaatar” in cookery . The appendix with horn shape (cuerno in Spanish) is a defence against insect larvae and gives the shrub its local name (corneta).

Corneta DSC01798

It’s a hard climb to the jurassic island of Torcal, but even harder the la cuerda path upto Carluco mount pass, being the choosen entrance to the spectacular alluvial Perú’s ravine.

DSC01625 DSC01626

* What do werefer to with “low-cost walks”?

· Low impact · Designed for small groups of people · Exceptional places · Things as they are (even if painful) · Only if benefits local community · You, and only you decide the price after the visit.


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