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Tío lobo’s cauldron

28 Dec , 2014  

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 Tío lobo’s cauldron

tio lobos cauldron

That’s the given name to a set of natural pools located in one alluvial ravine tributary  of the Albanchez rising on Agudo Mount.

calderas del tío lobo, fuente de la paloma, monteagudo

Long ago this setting was inhabited by quite a caracter, Tío Lobo (uncle-wolf), name probably given for the isolation of the area he decided to live in: a property and water, who needs more?


The scenery’s suprising natural history becomes a refreshing drop of water on a hard and dry summer. In every season a different color!


* What do werefer to with “low-cost walks”?

· Low impact · Designed for small groups of people · Exceptional places · Things as they are (even if painful) · Only if benefits local community · You, and only you decide the price after the visit.

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