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Torcularium & La Mella

12 Sep , 2016  

Scheduled for September sixteen to eighteen 2016

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September 2016

10 Sep , 2016  

These guided tours are all a unit about the history of Jaén, that are introduced from september the 2nd to the 4th 2016, and will be repeatedly scheduled for september the week-ends 2016. If you prefer any other dates they are available on demand. *Remind: low-cost = small groups + you decide the price after the visit (except when scheduled)

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In-depth Jaén: A good Start

10 Sep , 2016  

In depth Jaén, a new start.


Changes in the path.

26 Aug , 2016  

Walkings for a sustainable and low-cost tourism in Jaén.


Mágina’s Hoyas

19 Oct , 2015  

Last Sunday October the fourth 2015, went together with some friends to a excursion organized by them to Magina’s Hoyas. Sun rise sky at Jimena, and Meteo prediction promised a clean and hot day, so we started a car climb to the Mata mountain pass from Torres upto Aguadero natural spring, where we stardted walking. […]

Guided tours

Strongholds: la Majada Josa

29 Dec , 2014  

A hard frontier past

Guided tours

Tío lobo’s cauldron

28 Dec , 2014  

The magic of water

Living history workshops

Art & firsts settlers

27 Dec , 2014  

Prehistory drawing workshop

Guided tours

Peru’s alluvial ravine

27 Dec , 2014  

An intact landscape

Guided tours

Cánava: pine wood, Rooks & snails

27 Dec , 2014  

Monuments in the landscape.